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Advance Moves was established in 2002 by Mat Ford - Dunn after he had relocated himself from the UK to Spain the year before. It was a time when many people were leaving the UK to start new lives in Spain and the housing market in both countries was buoyant.

Mat had originally worked in the UK as an area manager for Bishops Move and with his wealth of experience behind him he saw an opportunity to establish a removal company in Spain that specialised in relocations between the two countries. Mats idea was simple, to provide high levels of service at competitive prices.

"The first thing I noticed about the majority of our competitors is that they did not have a depot in each country, this meant that they lacked the flexibility and support that clients often need when relocating between two countries." Says Mat, whose main warehouse is situated in Murcia with two additional warehouses situated in the UK.

All three warehouse's have state of the art containerised storage to keep clients furniture clean and well protected. Mats policy has always been to re-invest into the company so that all aspects of the business are continually updated and improved to ensure that Advance Moves stays one step ahead of its competitors. One aspect of this is that all international removals include an export wrap of the furniture to provide ultimate protection whilst goods are being transported. This year also sees a massive investment in purpose made furniture covers that are re-usable. These covers provide increased protection and also cut down on the carbon footprint of Advance Moves, as less disposable materials have to be used in wrapping the furniture.

Whilst Advance Moves has grown in size since its conception in 2002, it is still a family run business with a very dedicated and hard working team of staff. Advance Moves continues to operate a weekly service between the UK and Spain and has now expanded its range of services to include smaller volumes, such as individual items of furniture, or just a few boxes. Very useful for internet shopping!

The range of removal services has now been expanded to cater for removals within the UK and within Spain. With warehousing and containerised storage facilities in both countries it seemed a natural progression for Advance Moves to include a national removal service for their client's.

The all new Quick quote, online quotation system was recently developed so that client's could obtain a quotation for their removal quickly and easily by entering some basic removals information. The implementation of this market leading system shows Advance Moves dedication to providing its clients with the highest levels of service to allow the user to obtain a price for their removal in the shortest possible time, something that their competitor's seem to struggle with!

Looking to the future Mat believes that given time, the current imbalance in the housing markets will be resolved and things will get moving again. At the moment more and more ex-pats are returning to the UK for economic reasons and the help and assistance that Advance Moves offers during these relocations seems to be really appreciated by their clients. The overall trend is still the continued increase of UK residents moving to Spain for the good weather and healthier lifestyle, and due to the continued increase in demand for Advance Moves service Mat and his team look to be gearing up for another busy year.

Advance moves becomes an International removals agency

At the end of 2017 advance moves ceased its own vehicle operations and logistics and closed its warehouses as it became uneconomic to continue. Advance moves now acts as an agent and passes removals enquiries onto removal companies that can best help a client with their international removal requirements. By using the advance moves quick quote system you can obtain an instant online quote for your removal and you will then receive up to 6 more accurate quotes from independent professional removal companies that best match your removal requirements. The process is free and without obligation. It just means advance moves can help save you both time and money on any international removal in 2022. Give us a try?

Why using Advance moves can help save you time and money when moving internationally

Advance Moves has a rich history of facilitating smooth and cost-effective international removals for its clients. With years of experience in the industry, Advance Moves has perfected its approach to help people save money on their relocations while ensuring a seamless transition to their new homes.

Established with the mission of simplifying the moving process, Advance Moves has built a reputation for excellence in the removal industry. The company understands that moving internationally can be a daunting and expensive task, which is why it has developed a comprehensive system to streamline the process and reduce costs for its clients.

One of the key ways Advance Moves helps people save money on international removals is by carefully selecting the best removal companies for the job. With a network of trusted partners and service providers worldwide, Advance Moves ensures that clients have access to top-quality moving services at competitive rates.

Moreover, Advance Moves empowers its clients by allowing them to compare quotes from different removal companies quickly and easily. Through its user-friendly platform, clients can input their moving details and receive multiple quotes from reputable providers. This transparency enables clients to make informed decisions based on their budget and specific requirements, ultimately saving them money in the long run.

By leveraging its expertise, network, and technology, Advance Moves continues to help people save money on international removals while providing unparalleled service and support throughout the relocation process. Whether moving across Europe or to the other side of the world, clients can trust Advance Moves to deliver cost-effective solutions and peace of mind every step of the way.

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By submitting your basic quick quote details we can automatically generate a quick quote for you that will be emailed to you immediately. This will give you a volume and price range from the basic details submitted and you will then receive a more accurate and detailed quotation from ourselves and/or our agents depending on your removals location and requirements. In the event we are unable to provide you with a quote we may supply the information you provide though the enquiry forms or via email to International Removals Direct who through their own list of suppliers will be able to provide you with a quote for your proposed enquiry.