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Moving to New Zealand from UK in 2024

If you have been planning on Moving to New Zealand from UK in 2024, then Advance moves international removals can help you. We can give you an instant online quote for a removal to New Zealand in 2024 from any European or Worldwide location. Just enter some basic details about your move to New Zealand and in 30 seconds you will have a quote for your Removal to New Zealand emailed to you, which is then backed up by up to 5 more accurate quotes from international removal companies that specialise in Removals to New Zealand. Save yourself time and money by Moving to New Zealand from UK in 2024 with Advance Moves.

Living in New Zealand in 2024

Living in New Zealand in 2024 can become a reality for you. Let advance moves help make your move to New Zealand in 2024 as easy as possible, just follow the steps below for help and guidence on all aspects of moving to and then living in New Zealand. Most subjects are covered and we try to keep the information as current as possible with regular updates and additions.

Removals to New Zealand from the UK in 2024

Use advance moves when planning your removal to New Zealand from the UK in 2024 and save yourself both time and money on your relocation costs. You will get quotes from up to 6 movers that best match your removal requirements when you use our quick quote system. Leaving you to decide who moves you for the best price and service. Save money on removals to New Zealand in 2023 with advance moves helping you.

Emigrating to New Zealand from UK

When emigrating to New Zealand from UK you can rely on Advance moves to have agents on the ground in New Zealand to help with the process of customs clearance, customs duties, and then final delivery, or onward storage in New Zealand if required. If you are planning on emigrating to New Zealand from UK then be safe in the knowledge that advance moves have agents in both countries that can assist you when emigrating to New Zealand from UK. Having agents in both countries means that details such as bad access involving increased labour levels for loading or offloading can be arranged. Things like parking permits, access inspections, specialist cranes or elevators can all be arranged when emigrating to New Zealand from UK. It’s a fact that emigrating to New Zealand from UK with advance moves agents help will always run a lot smoother due to the professional back up that can be called upon if required.

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Advance Moves can save you time and money when it comes to Removals to New Zealand in 2024. We can give you an instant online quick quote for your removal to New Zealand or anywhere in the world, which is then backed up by up to 5 free quotes from moving companies specially selected from our list of agents and partners to cover your area and requirements. You then have the choice of selecting the mover and quotation that is best for you, saving both time and money in obtaining a competitive removals quotation.

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Moving to New Zealand after Brexit

Advance Moves and our agents offer a reliable and cost effective relocation package for anyone looking to Move to New Zealand after Brexit. Most of our clients are moving to New Zealand from UK but we can organize a removal to New Zealand from anywhere in the world.

If your planning on moving to New Zealand from UK or any other worldwide location then you have come to the right page. Scroll down through the information below on how to move to New Zealand and you will be well advised on what is involved with international removals and Shipping to New Zealand.

We have a wealth of information and advice on how to move to New Zealand from UK and a quick scroll down on this page will tell you just about everything you need to know for your move to New Zealand from UK, and (if your moving your household), then information and details on Shipping to New Zealand from UK with 20 or 40 foot container loads. Not to much has changed with regard to moving to New zealand after Brexit as the procedure for removlas to New Zealand after Brexit is pretty much the same as it was before brexit. With the Corona virus covid 19 pandemic and subsequent lockdown there are travel restrictions and delays that all travellers will encounter when moving to New Zealand after the corona virus lock down. But given time normality should return.

Removals to New Zealand in 2024

Embarking on removals to New Zealand unveils a journey to a picturesque paradise renowned for its stunning landscapes, diverse culture, and friendly locals. From the pristine beaches to the majestic mountains, New Zealand offers a lifestyle that seamlessly blends outdoor adventure with a laid-back atmosphere. The process of relocating, however, demands careful consideration of international shipping regulations, customs procedures, and the vast distance involved. It is crucial to navigate the intricacies of securing the necessary visas and permits, ensuring a smooth transition. Professional removal services with expertise in international relocations to New Zealand can play a pivotal role in streamlining the process, offering peace of mind and ensuring that cherished belongings arrive safely in this enchanting corner of the world.

Visas and residency for moving to New Zealand after Brexit and corona virus

See entry requirements for New Zealand in our travel advice.

See live permanently in New Zealand: apply for a visa.

Instant online quotes for removals to New Zealand after Brexit

If you would like an instant online quotation for moving to Auckland, or any other location on New Zealand, then click on the quick quote buttons at the top of the page for an instant quote in 30 seconds to budget for your move.

We hope you enjoy the page and the quick quote experience and if you need and further assist we are here to help.

So you fancy moving to New Zealand. Need to know how to move to New Zealand?  The British share a lot of history and  traditions with New Zealand, but it is a much greener and less crowded country than the UK. If you want to enjoy a healthier outdoors lifestyle then a move to New Zealand will allow you more time for your own interests. Moving to New Zealand from the UK  is also a great for families, as it is a safe place for children, with so many recreational activities and a world-class education system that is largely free.

Moving to New Zealand

A move to  New Zealand will offer you a quality of life that really is outstanding and the pace is relatively relaxed. New Zealanders are laid-back and easy to get along with. Work is an important part of life in New Zealand, and doing well equally so, but also leisure time  is a high-priority too. Commuting isn’t the big deal it is in the UK and even in the biggest cities you’re only minutes from a beach, native park or mountain biking trail.

New Zealand's scenery really has so much to offer from glorious sandy beaches, great native forests, mountains, lakes, rivers and fjords. Tourists only ever get a taste. If you are moving to New Zealand from UK, you’ll have time to explore the lot as well as sampling  the unique New Zealand culture.

Moving to New Zealand for the climate

New Zealand's  climate is ‘temperate’ which generally means warm, dry summers and relatively mild, wet winters.

Of course there are grey days, but if you’re moving to New Zealand from the UK, you’ll almost certainly find it sunnier here, and you are able to spend more time outside in comfort. While the UK’s sunniest region gets around 1750 sunshine hours a year, New Zealand’s three major cities all get over 2,000 hours a year. Some spots get even more, like Nelson with 2,400 sunshine hours.

Cost of living in New zealand

Depending where you come from in the UK, the cost of living is likely to be less. For example, London is the 30th most expensive city in the world to live in, while Auckland is the 61st and Wellington just the 86th.

Living in New Zealand after Brexit

Migrating to New Zealand is probably one of the easiest and best choices you could make for a family. Nearly 70% of expats say their children are more confident and well-rounded from their time spent living in New Zealand. the weather allows families to spend more time outside. Along with affordable, quality education, your children will be able to get closer to nature and enjoy healthy sport, recreation and adventure activities that are just that much harder to access in the UK.  families find it easy to adjust to New Zealands way of life, as the language is the same and the culture very similar to that in the UK.

Housing in New Zealand

You will find there are lots of choices when it comes to finding a home in New Zealand.

From spacious stand-alone home in the suburbs with a garden and room for children and pets; semi-rural living on a larger plot of land in the countryside, possibly with larger animals; living by the sea; smart urban apartment living with a view - they’re all possibilities here. Whatever your choice you can usually enjoy it without spending hours of your life commuting.

New Zealand economic growth

New Zealand's consistent economic growth has been creating opportunities for all, and has especially grown in recent years relative to the UK and Europe. As a result, many people from the UK are finding good work in New Zealand, especially in ICT, healthcare and engineering. UK technical and professional qualifications are generally recognised here.

Working in New Zealand after Brexit

There are also good opportunities for UK people with skills in construction in major city centres, particularly in Christchurch which is being largely rebuilt after the, as well as extensive housing projects in Auckland. There are many other opportunities, especially if your skills are on the New Zealand skill shortages lists. you can check the list on New Zealand's immigration website.

Work Visas for New Zealand

To work in New Zealand you’ll need one of the various different types of visa (formerly ‘permit’) that are available.

Working holiday visas give UK people aged 18-30 up to 23 months in New Zealand - almost twice as long as young people from other countries.

Alternatively you can apply for a temporary work visa that lets you live and work here for a set period.

Thinking of Moving to New Zealand from the UK? You may be able to apply for a skilled migrant visa that lets you live and work in New Zealand indefinitely.

Save time and money by applying for your visa online. 

Temporary visas allow you to live and work in New Zealand for a set period of time. .

There are a range of work visas for people that work in a profession that is experiencing skill shortages or have a job offer from a New Zealand employer. Most work visas do not have an age limit.

The Working holiday visa is designed for young people, aged 18-30 or 35, depending on Citizenship. This option lets you travel and work in New Zealand for up to 12 months, or 23 months if you’re from the UK or Canada.

Resident visas generally allow you to live and work in New Zealand indefinitely and access most publicly funded services. 

The Skilled Migrant Category uses a points system based on factors such as age, work experience, your qualifications, and an offer of skilled employment to determine eligibility. 

Another option is the Residence from Work visa. Once you’ve held a Work to Residence visa for at least 24 months, you may be able to eligible to apply. You must be aged 55 or under to apply for these resident visas. 

If you have family in New Zealand, then you can apply for a visa to join them.

Removals to New Zealand

Removals to Queenstown

Queenstown is  the number one destination that people would choose to live in New Zealand. Queenstown is an amazing place. It’s a year-round destination with amazing outdoor activities in the summer months and world-class skiing in the winter.

Moving to Queenstown you will find a lifestyle that is great for people of all ages, young and old and with so many different industries based in and around the city, it’s also a great place to find work. House prices are high so you may have to live in one of the suburbs but that’s pretty cool – the views are amazing all around the Central Otago region.

Removals to Napier

Located in the heart of the Hawke’s Bay, Napier is a wonderful place to base yourself if you are planning a move to New Zealand. The cost of living in Napier is much lower than the bigger cities like Auckland, Wellington and Queenstown making it an attractive proposition but there are still enough businesses located in and around the city to make it a good place to find work.

Outside of work, Napier has it all going on. Great vineyards, a stunning coastline, amazing golf courses and some fantastic cycleways. It also enjoys its fair share of sunshine all year round and tends to be a bit warmer than Auckland, certainly during the winter months making is super attractive to recent arrivals from the UK. If you like a relxed outdoor lifestyle then moving to Napier could well be for you.

Removals to Rotorua

Rotorua is a little bit different and  definitely up there as one of the best places to live in New Zealand. It’s a tourist hotspot which means lots of jobs for all age groups. It’s also a year-round destination thanks to the geothermal attractions that the city is most famous for which means plenty of visitors still flock here during the winter months. if you fancy the idea of having your own business within the tourist industry, then moving to Rotorua could well be for you.

Rotorua enjoys a central location on the North Island making it super-accessible. It’s under 3 hours to drive to Auckland, Napier, the Coromandel Peninsula and Mt Maunganui and the ski fields of Mt Ruapehu are around 2.5 hours away.

Removals to Auckland

Moving to Auckland is probably the most popular choice for people arriving from overseas. There are more jobs in New Zealand’s biggest city so it’s a natural draw, however, Auckland is about way more than just big city jobs. Auckland is an awesome place to live and one of the best waterfront cities in the world.

With an abundance of beaches, amazing regional parks, awesome restaurants, great places to head out, theatres, walks, watersports and more, Auckland is a city with a lot to offer. The reason it comes fourth on our list is down to traffic and housing. There are a lot of cars on the roads around Auckland and house prices are pretty high.

Removals to Tauranga

The popularity of Tauranga as a destination for Kiwis and expats over the past few years has rocketed and it’s easy to see why. Tauranga is a stunning waterfront city, located on the east coast of the North Island.  With lots of industries based down here as it is a busy port city, and there are plenty of job opportunities and whilst house prices are on the rise, it’s still a reasonable place to set up home.

Tauranga and the nearby Mt Maunganui are two of New Zealand’s most popular holiday destinations, especially for Aucklanders. With stunning beaches, a great nightlife and close proximity to places like Taupo, Rotorua and the Coromandel, Tauranga is one of the best places to live in New Zealand. Moving to Tauranga would offer a wide range of job opportunities.

Removals to Wellington

New Zealand’s capital city has got to appear on the best places to live in New Zealand – it’s one of the coolest capital cities in the world! It may be small as far as cities go, but Wellington has a lot going on. It’s New Zealand’s second largest city following closely behind Auckland so plenty of people choose moving to Wellington when relocating.

Wellington is not only home to New Zealand’s parliament, it’s also home to our national museum, Te Papa. Like Auckland, Wellington enjoys a waterfront location and Oriental Beach regular tops the charts when it comes to New Zealand’s favourite beaches. With a great train and bus network, it’s also pretty easy to live in one of Wellington’s cool little suburbs and commute to work without having to deal with traffic every day, another big draw for the city.

Removals to Christchurch

Christchurch is the South Island’s biggest city in terms of population and many expats decide on moving to Christchurch due to the job opportunities the city has to offer. Christchurch is a wonderful city which is in the process of being redeveloped following the massive earthquake that struck in 2011. Despite the setbacks, the city is built of stronger stuff and it has really brought the people of Christchurch together and there is a thriving community in and around the city making it one of the best places to live in New Zealand.

Christchurch has a lot going on. Located on the banks of the River Avon, the tranquil city centre is a wonderful place to work. Away from the city, some beautiful beaches are within close driving distance and are a great place to base yourself. Sumner is one of the most popular, attracting many tourists during the summer months.

Removals to Hamilton

Hamilton often plays second fiddle to Auckland, but moving to Hamilton is something that should always be considered. It’s only a short 1 hour 30-minute drive from Auckland to Hamilton but the two cities are worlds apart. Hamilton is set on the banks of the Waikato River which runs through the heart of the city and forms a beautiful backdrop for the city. Enjoying a pretty central location, Hamilton enjoys a much lower cost of living than Auckland with house prices that are much more affordable. There is no shortage of industries in and around Hamilton making it an attractive place to live.

The location of Hamilton means you are in the perfect spot for exploring nearby Raglan, the surfing capital of New Zealand, Taupo, Rotorua and the Waitomo Caves. There is plenty to see and do in Hamilton and the leafy city has one of the best gardens in New Zealand – the Hamilton Gardens.

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