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Removals to France in 2024

We try to keep this page as up to date as possible to provide accurate information and advice on moving to France from UK in 2024 after Brexit. The page below gives detailed information on all aspects of Living in France in 2024 and how to undertake a removal to France in 2024 after Brexit. If you want an instant online quote for a removal to France then use the yellow buttons at the top of the page to get an instant quick quote, and then you will also receive up to 5 more accurate quotes from professional removal companies all looking to help you with your move to France in 2024.

When considering removals to France from the UK, Advance Moves offers a convenient and efficient solution through its quick quote system. This system streamlines the process of obtaining quotes from multiple removal companies, saving you time and effort.

With the Advance Moves quick quote system, arranging removals to France becomes a hassle-free experience. Instead of contacting individual removal companies separately, you can submit your details once through the quick quote system and receive multiple quotes from reputable movers specializing in France.

The quick quote system is designed to cater specifically to removals to France from the UK, ensuring that you receive accurate and competitive quotes tailored to your relocation needs. Whether you're moving household belongings, furniture, or vehicles, Advance Moves can connect you with trusted removal companies offering comprehensive services.

By utilizing the Advance Moves quick quote system, you gain access to a network of experienced removal companies with expertise in handling international relocations to France. These companies understand the intricacies of customs regulations and logistics involved in moving goods across borders, ensuring a smooth and efficient process.

Moreover, the quick quote system allows you to compare quotes from different removal companies, enabling you to find the most cost-effective solution for your move to France. This transparency empowers you to make informed decisions and choose the removal company that best meets your requirements and budget.

With Advance Moves' quick quote system, you can rest assured that your removal to France will be handled professionally and seamlessly. Whether you're relocating for work, retirement, or a change of scenery, Advance Moves simplifies the process and ensures a stress-free moving experience from the UK to France.

Removals to France from UK

The team at Advance Moves international removals have been busy putting together all the information you need to know about Removals to France after Brexit. As always advance moves aims to help people looking to move to France with as much information on the process of Removals to France and then living in France, together with the ability to obtain an instant online quotation for a removal to France in just 30 seconds, using the advance moves quick quote system. We believe that the information below will help you in your relocation to France as you set up your new home and prepare for your new life in a foreign country. Removals to France are a lot easier with Advance moves helping you.

Moving to France after Brexit involves several considerations, especially regarding removals to France from the UK. With the new regulations in place, individuals relocating to France need to navigate customs procedures and residency requirements.

When planning your move to France from the UK post-Brexit, it's essential to engage with reputable removal companies specializing in international relocations. These companies understand the specific challenges associated with removals to France and can offer tailored services to meet your needs.

Navigating removals to France from the UK after Brexit requires careful attention to customs regulations. From declaring goods to understanding import duties, having the support of experienced removal companies can simplify the process and ensure compliance with all requirements.

Residency considerations are also paramount when moving to France after Brexit. Understanding the visa and residency requirements is crucial for individuals planning to reside in France long-term. Removal companies familiar with these regulations can provide valuable guidance and support throughout the relocation process.

In the wake of Brexit, many individuals and families are exploring their options for moving to France from the UK. Whether for work, retirement, or lifestyle reasons, engaging with trusted removal companies specializing in removals to France ensures a smooth transition and peace of mind.

By leveraging the expertise of removal companies experienced in handling removals to France from the UK post-Brexit, individuals can navigate the complexities of international relocation with confidence. From packing and transportation to customs clearance and residency assistance, these companies play a crucial role in facilitating a successful move to France.

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To get a quotation for your removal to France just click on the yellow button at the top of the page and enter some basic details about your removal to France. Once you hit that submit button you will then have a quote for your removal to France emailed to you within 30 seconds. Your quick quote will give you a price range for your removal to France based on the data you entered but you will then start to receive up to 5 more accurate quotations for your removal to France from independent professional removal companies that can cover your removal requirements. They will do their best to provide you with the right move at the right price.

Moving to France in 2024

Many people make the choice to move to France for work or to experience life in another country. For many its retirement plans but a lot of people are Moving to France for work.

Moving to France in 2024 is still pretty simple if you are an EU citizen. If you are moving from the UK to France then things have got a lot more complicated since Brexit and you should read the chapter below on Moving to France from the UK after Brexit. Moving to France as an EU citizen is a lot more simple so just scroll down this page to read up on what you need to do, or you can visit the French Government website for info on French visas for Moving to France in 2024.

Moving from UK to France

If you are planning on Moving from UK to France in 2024 then you will have to apply for a Visa and/or residency. This is all best done before you actually Move to France. Since Brexit the formalities of Moving from UK to France have changed and you will have to qualify to obtain a visa to be able to stay in France. You can find out more information on non lucrative visas (NLV) and work visas for moving from UK to France by visiting the UK government website, under their section on French visas. Its also worth having a scroll down this page for more info on Moving from UK to France.

Move to France from the UK

Moving to France from the UK offers an exciting opportunity for individuals seeking a change of scenery or a new adventure. Whether you're relocating for work, retirement, or simply a change of pace, France boasts diverse landscapes, rich culture, and a high quality of life.

When planning a move to France from the UK, it's essential to consider various factors, including logistics, paperwork, and customs regulations. Advance Moves can assist with every step of the process, from obtaining quotes for removal services to navigating customs requirements.

One of the first steps in the relocation process is finding a reputable removal company to transport your belongings safely and efficiently. Advance Moves offers a quick quote system that allows you to compare prices from multiple removal companies, ensuring you get the best value for your money.

Once you've selected a removal company, you'll need to gather the necessary paperwork for customs clearance. Moving to France from the UK involves crossing international borders, so it's crucial to comply with customs regulations to avoid any delays or complications.

With Advance Moves' expertise in international removals, navigating the customs process becomes more manageable. They can provide guidance on required documentation, import restrictions, and any applicable taxes or duties.

By entrusting your move to France from the UK to Advance Moves, you can save time and money while enjoying peace of mind knowing that experienced professionals are handling every aspect of your relocation. With their assistance, you can focus on settling into your new home and embracing all that France has to offer.

Customs regulations for Moving house to France from the UK

When moving house to France from the UK, understanding the customs regulations is crucial to ensure a smooth transition. France, like many countries, has specific rules and requirements for importing personal belongings.

One important aspect of customs regulations is the documentation required for your move. This typically includes an inventory of the items you're bringing into the country, as well as proof of residency in France, such as a visa or residence permit.

Additionally, certain items may be subject to restrictions or prohibitions when entering France. These can include firearms, certain types of food and plants, and items of cultural significance. It's essential to familiarize yourself with these restrictions to avoid any delays or complications during the customs process.

Another consideration is the payment of duties and taxes on imported goods. While personal belongings for household use are generally exempt from customs duties, there may still be taxes applicable based on the value of the items being imported. Advance Moves can provide guidance on these matters and help you navigate the customs process effectively.

Furthermore, it's essential to ensure that your belongings are packed and labeled correctly to facilitate customs clearance. Providing detailed and accurate information about the contents of your shipment can help expedite the process and minimize the risk of any issues arising.

By working with Advance Moves, you can access expert advice and assistance to ensure compliance with customs regulations when moving house to France from the UK. Their experienced team can guide you through every step of the process, making your relocation as smooth and stress-free as possible.

Moving to France from the UK

Moving to France from the UK is an exciting venture that promises new experiences and adventures. Whether it's the allure of French cuisine, the picturesque countryside, or the vibrant culture, many people dream of making France their home.

When considering moving to France from the UK, there are various factors to take into account. From finding the right location to navigating the logistics of the move, it can be a complex process. However, with the right support and guidance, the transition can be smooth and hassle-free.

One essential aspect of moving to France from the UK is finding a reliable removal company. With Advance Moves, you can compare quotes from different removal companies to ensure you get the best deal. Their quick quote system makes it easy to find the most cost-effective option for your move.

Once you've chosen a removal company, you'll need to consider the customs regulations involved in moving to France from the UK. Advance Moves can provide valuable assistance in navigating these regulations, ensuring that your belongings arrive safely and on time.

By entrusting your move to France from the UK to Advance Moves, you can have peace of mind knowing that experienced professionals are handling every aspect of your relocation. With their help, you can focus on settling into your new home and embracing the exciting opportunities that France has to offer.

Moving to France from UK after Brexit

If you are planning on Moving to France from UK after Brexit, then advance moves have agents in both countries that can assist you when moving to France from UK. Having agents in both countries means that details such as bad access involving increased labour levels for loading or offloading can be arranged. Things like parking permits, access inspections, specialist cranes or elevators can all be arranged when Moving to France from UK. Our agents can also arrange all aspects of customs clearance and duties that are involved with Moving to France from UK after Brexit. It’s a fact that Moving to France from UK with advance moves agents help will always run a lot smoother due to the back up that can be called upon if required. Brexit has really complicated things and if you are a British passport holder and you plan on Moving to France from UK after Brexit then you need to apply for a visa. The France visas page on the French government website will help you apply for the correct visa that you will need to move to France in 2023. You can apply for a visa for work, or an NLV for retirement or joining family that you may already have living in France. The process is more complicated since Brexit but it is still possible to move to France after Brexit.

You can also visit the UK government page on Living in France after Brexit that has more info on all aspects of Moving to France from UK after Brexit.

Moving Furniture to France from the UK

When transporting furniture to France from the UK, ensuring you have the necessary documentation is crucial to smooth customs clearance and a hassle-free move. Here are some essential documents you'll need:

1. Inventory List: A detailed inventory list of all items being transported is essential. This list should include descriptions, quantities, and values of each item. It helps customs officials assess the contents of your shipment and ensures accurate declaration of goods.

2. Proof of Ownership: Documents proving ownership of the furniture, such as purchase receipts or invoices, are required. These documents demonstrate that the items are yours and not intended for resale.

3. Passport and Visa: As an individual moving to France, you'll need your passport and any necessary visas or residency permits. These documents verify your identity and legal status in the country.

4. Residence Certificate: If you're relocating to France permanently, a residence certificate or proof of address in France may be required. This document confirms your residential status and may be requested by customs officials.

5. Customs Declaration Form: A customs declaration form, such as the Single Administrative Document (SAD), is necessary for declaring your goods to French customs. This form provides details about the contents of your shipment, including the value and purpose of the items.

6. Insurance Documents: It's advisable to have insurance coverage for your furniture during transit. Proof of insurance, along with the policy details, should be readily available in case of any loss or damage during the move.

7. Power of Attorney (if applicable): If someone else is handling the shipping process on your behalf, a power of attorney authorizing them to act on your behalf may be required.

8. Additional Permits or Certificates: Depending on the nature of the furniture or any special circumstances, additional permits or certificates may be necessary. This could include certificates for certain types of wood or materials used in the furniture.

By ensuring you have all the required documentation in order before transporting furniture to France, you can streamline the moving process and avoid any delays or complications at customs checkpoints. It's recommended to consult with your chosen removal company or a customs agent for specific guidance tailored to your situation.

Moving personal belongings from UK to France

Once you have your visas and residency sorted you can start planning your move to France. This is where the advance moves quick quote system can really help you save time and money. Moving personal belongings from UK to France can easily be done. If its just a few boxes of personal effects or half a truck load, advance moves can give you an instant online quote for your move to France no matter how big or small. When Moving personal belongings from UK to France you can take a small amount with you on the plane or in your own vehicle but you will be subject to a possible customs check and duty will need to be paid on certain items. When moving personal belongings from UK to France you will need to inventory the contents, value and condition of all the items taken for customs purposes.

France Removals

Moving house within France or from France to another country such as the UK or even further a field to maybe the USA can all be arranged with Advance moves agents. They have French removal companies on their books all over France. France removals can be arranged easily just by using the Quick quote system.

Moving furniture to France

For larger removals where you are moving furniture to France as well as personal belongings you will still need to make an inventory of the items you are moving, including the contents of boxes. If you are shipping furniture to France from an overseas origin then you will have a POE, Port of entry where a customs declaration will need to be submitted and duty paid. Shipping furniture to France is usually done by filling a 20 foot or 40 foot shipping container. This can all be organised for you by your Advance moves agent.

When planning your move to France from the UK, one of the most crucial considerations is transporting your furniture. Moving furniture to France requires careful planning and coordination to ensure a smooth transition to your new home. A reputable removal service experienced in international relocations can assist you every step of the way. They will handle the logistics of moving your furniture to France, from packing and protection to customs clearance documentation.

Once you've selected a removal service, they will guide you through the process of preparing your furniture for transportation. This includes expertly packaging and protecting your belongings to prevent any damage during transit. With their knowledge of international shipping regulations, they will ensure that all necessary customs clearance documentation is in order, streamlining the process of moving your furniture to France.

Depending on your preferences and budget, your removal service will help you choose the most suitable transportation method for moving your furniture to France. Whether by road, sea freight, or air freight, they will coordinate the logistics to ensure timely and efficient delivery to your new residence. Upon arrival in France, your removal service will oversee the unloading, unpacking, and placement of your furniture, making the transition to your new home as seamless as possible.

By entrusting the task of moving furniture to France to a professional removal service, you can minimize stress and focus on settling into your new surroundings. With their expertise and attention to detail, you can rest assured that your furniture will arrive safely and be ready for use in your new French home. So, when planning your move to France, consider partnering with a trusted removal service to handle the transportation of your furniture with care and efficiency.

Moving furniture to France within the EU

If you are Moving furniture to France from within the EU, then there are very few restrictions involved. It really is a case of using the advance moves quick quote buttons at the top of this page to start your removal to France.

Relocating to France for work

If you are relocating to France for Work then advance moves can simplify the process of obtaining quotes from removal companies to submit to your employer. Enter your removal requirements once into the quick quote system and you will have quotes from up to 5 or 6 professional removal companies that have all been pre selected to give you the best price and service for your specific removal requirements. It's the easiest way to get the three quotes that are usually required when relocating to France for work.

Removals to Paris

Paris is one of the most popular destinations when moving to France. There are a lot of removals to Paris for work and advance moves is the simplest way to get multiple quotes for moving to Paris to submit to your employer. Advance moves has agents in and around Paris to help with parking and bad access issues for your removal to Paris. We are experts in what we do and a removal to Paris with advance moves help is one less thing to worry about.

How to move to France from UK?

Just click on the yellow quick quote buttons at the top of the page to get a quick quote for your removal to France. Within 30 seconds you will have a quote for your move to France emailed to you and after that up to 6 professional removal companies that have been matched to your specific removal requirements, will start to send you quotes for your move to France. That's how to move to France, use advance moves. There is also more general info below on how to move to France from the Uk and then to be able to live in France.

Removals to Toulouse

Advance moves can help you with removals to Toulouse or any major city in France. We have agents all over France and Europe that know the problems with access and parking in both cities and rural areas. Removals to Toulouse with an agent of Advance moves means they already know the terrain they are dealing with and can call upon additional manpower, smaller, tranship vehicles and external furniture lifts to make a removal to Toulouse or any other city in France a much simpler affair.

One way van hire to France

You may consider doing a removal yourself and use a company for one way van hire to France, so you can pack, load and drive yourself to your new house. Be aware that a one way van hire move to France can end up costing you more than if a professional mover had undertaken the move for you. Compare prices carefully when selecting a one way van hire to France against a pro mover quote. You can read up on the many extra costs and pitfalls involved in Van hire removal here.

Can I move to France from UK

The answer is YES, you can move to France from UK after Brexit but only if you have applied for and been granted a visa and residency status. This might sound complicated, but it is just a procedure. You will need to make an appointment at one of the French Embassies and consulates in the UK. They can tell you a lot more about moving to France and being able to live there after Brexit. They will also start your application for a visa and residency in France. There are many different visas you can apply for depending on your own status and what you wish to do when you live in France. Like are you going to work, study or retire? So the answer to the question Can I move to France from the Uk after Brexit is yes, but only if you meet the visa requirements, and are granted a visa and the temporary residency.

Moving to France from the United States

Moving to France from the United States can be an exciting adventure filled with new experiences and opportunities. Whether you're relocating for work, study, or simply seeking a change of scenery, France offers a rich cultural heritage, stunning landscapes, and a high quality of life. When moving to France from the United States, there are several important steps to consider to ensure a smooth transition.

First and foremost, it's essential to plan your move well in advance to avoid any last-minute stress or complications. Moving to France from the United States involves a series of logistical challenges, including transportation of belongings, navigating customs regulations, and adjusting to a new environment. By starting the planning process early, you can address any potential issues and ensure everything is in order for your move.

One of the key aspects of moving to France from the United States is organizing the transportation of your belongings. Whether you're shipping furniture, household goods, or personal items, it's important to choose a reputable international moving company that specializes in overseas relocations. These companies can help you navigate the complexities of international shipping, assist with packing and unpacking, and ensure that your belongings arrive safely and securely at your new home in France.

Navigating customs regulations is another crucial aspect of moving to France from the United States. French customs authorities have specific rules and requirements for importing personal belongings and household goods into the country. This may include completing customs declaration forms, providing detailed inventories of your belongings, and paying any applicable duties or taxes. Working with an experienced international moving company can help streamline the customs clearance process and ensure compliance with all relevant regulations.

Adjusting to life in France after moving from the United States may take some time, as you acclimate to a new culture, language, and way of life. However, France offers a welcoming and vibrant expat community, as well as a wealth of cultural attractions, culinary delights, and outdoor activities to explore. By embracing the adventure of living abroad and approaching your move with an open mind and positive attitude, you can make the most of your experience in France.

In conclusion, moving to France from the United States is an exciting opportunity to embark on a new chapter in your life. With careful planning, the assistance of professional movers, and a willingness to embrace the challenges and opportunities of living abroad, you can enjoy a smooth and successful transition to your new home in France.

Living in France in 2024

France is a great place to live and Living in France in 2024 after Brexit is still easily achievable by using advance moves to help plan your move. The section below gives details about Living in France and then use the advance moves quick quote system to start planning your removal to France in 2024.

Advance moves saves you time and money on Removals to France

The quick quote process is quick and easy and it saves you both time and money. You choose the mover that best suits your removal requirements. The entire quick quote process is free and without obligation so you can obtain up to 5 quotes for your removal to France without even leaving your sofa. This will also help you budget and obtain average removal costs to France. The moving companies that contact you may ask for more detailed info about your removal to france, such as a list of items to be moved and details on access for removals vehicles and collection and delivery floors. They need this info to give you an accurate quotation for your removal to France. Average removal costs to France can be determined by the quick quote system, but for more accuracy the mover will need a few more details.

Removals to France after Brexit in 2024

Moving to France remains a popular choice for many people who are tempted to move from Britain to countries with a nicer climate and a more relaxed way of life. The question now is how will removals to France after brexit be undertaken. The UK left the EU on 31 January 2020 and the terms of the departure are covered by the Withdrawal Agreement. Any UK citizen living lawfully in an EU country on or before 31 December 2020, will benefit from being covered by the terms of the withdrawal agreement.

Moving to France after Brexit in 2024

Well Moving to France after Brexit will mean you need to to acquire resident status within France after 90 days of staying there. so you become a resident of that country to be able to stay there.

What about those who currently live in both the UK and France?

Those that l are currently living between the UK and France though are in a more vulnerable position with many people coming and going without any restriction. As an EU citizen, you were permitted to spend 3 consecutive months in another EU country and at that point, the question of exercising treaty rights comes into play. This could affect your decision as to whether you undertake removals to France during 2023. 

Obtaining French resident status.

  1. As an EU citizen, you’re permitted to spend more than three months in France providing you meet the conditions for legal residence.
  2. This is the case whether or not you apply for a carte de séjour. Just because holding a carte de séjour isn’t currently obligatory doesn’t remove your responsibility to meet the conditions. They are two separate things and should be treated seperately.
  3. You will need to meet these conditions for five years. Then at that point and if you have met them for that period, you will become eligible for permanent residence, which is condition free going forward.
  4. In every EU country except France and the UK, any EU citizens moving there to live must demonstrate that they meet these conditions in order to get a compulsory registration card. France is NOT discriminating against you when you are asked to prove your legal residence when you apply for a carte de séjour. They are legally required to do so by an EU Directive.
  5. You may move to France as an EU citizen to work, be self-employed, study, or if none of these you must show that you are self-sufficient and are not likely to be or become a burden on France’s social security system.
  6. It isn’t enough just to say that you’re self sufficient or that you’ve never claimed social security benefits. France has its own rules on this – guideline income levels for self-sufficiency – that it applies. Just because you’ve never claimed benefits doesn’t mean that you’ll automatically be deemed to be self-sufficient.
  7. Those working have to show that their work is ‘genuine and effective, and not marginal or ancillary’. Préfectures will look at income to determine this, but they will consider other factors too and will use their discretion.
  8. If you are not working and your resources are below the guideline figures by more than just a few euros, you may have some serious thinking to do and some choices to make. This is especially the case if your resources have always been below the guideline figures since you arrived in France, as this means that you have never been legally resident and cannot receive a carte de séjour. This is crucial, because after Brexit every British resident will need to hold one.
  9. If you are self-employed and your derived income is very low, you may also not be deemed to be legally resident.
  10. If you fall into paragraphs 8 or 9 you may need to have a long hard think about what you can do: for example, how could you increase your income for the five year period required? This might include working, registering as a jobseeker, setting up a (genuine) business, letting some rooms in your home, or even asking for a regular allowance from family.
  11. If you don’t meet, have never met, and can’t meet the conditions for legal residence it’s possible that you may not be permitted to stay in France. In total 3,367 orders to leave France were issued to EU citizens in 2017 because of failure to meet the legal residence conditions.

Further information on gaining resident status in France can be found on the UK government information page about living in France.

Living in France

If you live in France and receive an exportable UK pension, contribution-based Employment Support Allowance or another exportable benefit, you may currently be entitled to state healthcare paid for by the UK. You will need to apply for a certificate of entitlement known as an S1 certificate.

Removals to France with Advance Moves

French Driving License

Driving license rules will remain unchanged until 31 December 2020.

When undertaking a removals to France from the UK you will need to exchange your UK license for a French one. You can apply to the Agence Nationale des Titres Sécurisés using their online platform (in French). You must be able to prove that you have been living in France for 185 days.

You must apply to exchange your UK or other EU license for a French one in the following cases:

It needs to be amended to include a/several new driving categories

It needs to be exchanged because you committed a driving offense under the French Highway Code resulting in penalty points or a driving ban

If you are in the process of exchanging your UK license for a French license, do not try to renew in parallel with DVLA because this will invalidate your application. Applications in the UK with a French address cannot be processed.

Your health in France

When you undertake removals from UK to France you will need to understand the health cover. France has an excellent national health service to which you are entitled if you are an EU resident and pay your contributions which are called cotisations. You’ll need to take a European Health Insurance Card (EHIC).

However, the system does not cover the full cost of treatment and often requires you to pay up front and then claim back. You may wish to take out private health insurance through a mutuelle to cover the balance.

Buying property in France

It’s a good idea to rent in the area you have chosen, and look at properties locally, as those advertised specifically to foreigners are often overpriced. Remember that in France property is sold en l’etat (as is) and there will be no recourse if defects are discovered later on. If you plan significant renovations, leave plenty of time: you will need to get a building permit, for which you will have (unless the property is very small) to submit copious documents from a registered architect or building supervisor (maitre d’oeuvre) to the local town hall (the Mairie). The average price for purchasing a property in France is approximately €195,000 and below is the average cost of property as a whole in each region of France:

France is a big place to move to

France is a large country and has masses of beautiful coastline, vast and varied rural interiors, busy cities, bustling market towns and sleepy little villages. It has beaches and mountains and vineyards. Each area in France has its own landscape, cuisine and dialect. You would be ill advised to move before deciding what you are looking for and thoroughly investigating the area in person. if you are looking to undertake removals to France in 2020, then a maybe some internet investigate would be a good idea.

Removals to France and the Varied weather

If you have only seen France in the summer it might be easy to assume that the days are always long and sunny. The south does get more than its fair share of sun, but the cold wind that can often whip up, can dramatically lower the temperature. Naturally, the mountainous areas of the Pyrenees, the Alps and the Massif Central experience heavy snowfall in winter. The Atlantic Coast tends to have mild temperatures without extremes of heat or cold.

Removals to France and The language

Most of us can manage some French gleaned at school, and although English is widely spoken in France, resistance remains, and a good working knowledge of French will pay dividends not only in dealing with the bureaucracy with which you will be faced, but also in making friends and of course good French is also essential for most jobs. Consider improving your language skills with an evening class or an audio or online course.

Online quotes for Removals to France

The advance moves quick quote system saves you time and money and they don’t just cover Moving to France. You can get a removal quotation for anywhere in the world. Give it a go and start budgeting and planning for your move to France now.

Van hire removals to France info page

Advance Moves have an information page dedicated to all the positives and negatives of undertaking a Van hire removals to France or Spain. Be it one way van hire or Van and Man hire or just a van you want to hire yourself to undertake a small removal to France.

Van hire removals to France costings

The page gives ideas on costing’s for not only van hire, but ferries, toll roads, fuel costs as well as potential dangers of overloading your hire van and potential fines and criminal activity to watch out for when driving a hire van in a foreign country.

Driving a hire van in France

When driving a hire van in France you will need to adhere to some rules. If you’re taking a vehicle abroad that you’ve hired or leased in the UK, you’ll need a VE103 certificate.

Driving a hire van on motorways

Van Hire Removals to France normally entail some Motorway journeys which are usually trouble-free, but if you’re asked by another motorist to stop and you decide to do so, park your car in a public area with lights – like a service station. If you’re involved in a car accident or witness an accident on the motorway, use the orange emergency phones to ask for help.

Requirements for driving in France

To drive in France you must be 18 years old and have a valid UK driving license, insurance and vehicle documents. If you don’t own the vehicle you’re driving, you should get written permission from the registered owner.

Driving license rules in France will stay the same until 31 December 2020.

Driving regulations in France can differ from those in the UK:

The normal rule is to give way to the right each time you reach an intersection

The maximum speed on autoroutes is 130kph (80mph)for a car, in good weather and 110kph (68mph) in poor weather. Speeding can result in heavy, on the spot fines, and your vehicle and license could be confiscated Hire vans are normally restricted to a max speed of only 90 KPH. check on this as it depends on size and spec of the hire van.

Using mobile phones with headsets or ear pieces when driving is forbidden

In-car radar detectors and satellite navigation systems warning of the presence of speed cameras or radars are illegal, whether in use or not

It’s compulsory to carry a warning triangle and reflective jacket. The reflective jacket must be stored inside the vehicle itself and accessible without getting out of the car

It’s illegal to cross, even partially, on to the hard shoulder of a motorway without good reason.

You will need to carry a breathalyzer kit and spare bulbs in the vehicle.

Plan your hire van journey

Many drivers undertake long journeys in France. Plan your journey carefully, taking into account unknown roads, weather conditions and fatigue. Make sure you take regular breaks.

Instant online quotations for hire van removals to France

Advance Moves can give you an instant online quotation for a hire van Removal to France. Whilst advance moves do not actually hire out vans to individuals, their agents can provide you with a much better option and give you a price for undertaking the removal for you themselves so you do not need to go to the bother of hiring and driving a van in France.

Van hire removals to France

Use their unique online instant removals quotation generator to enter some basic information about your removal to France and you will instantly obtain a quotation for your move that is then backed up by up to 5 more accurate removal quotations from some of our trusted movers that can cover your removal requirements to France. To work out a like to like cost select the van size that you would have hired for your self drive removal and you will receive a quotation for the same volume but with a professional mover undertaking the move for you.

Advance moves covers removals to all of Europe

Advance moves doesn’t just cover Moves to France and Spain, they have agents all over Europe and the world able to undertake a high quality move, big or small to any destination you require. Once again just select the countries you want to move from and to on the advance moves quick quote system and obtain your instant online removal quote. It’s that easy.

Removals to France after Brexit and Corona Virus

For over fifteen years Advance moves has become a leader in the field of international and European removal services, and Removals to France is our specialty. Read below Information on Removals to France after Brexit and Corona Virus and you can obtain an Instant online quotations for Moving to France after Brexit and Corona Virus just by clicking on the yellow buttons above.

We operate a regular service when Moving to France and we are confident that our France Removals package is the best in the industry with great levels of service at competitive prices. Shipping to France from the UK has never been easier than with us, making Moving to France from the UK as straight forward as a normal domestic removal.

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Advance Moves can save you time and money when it comes to Removals. We can give you an instant online quick quote for your removal anywhere in the world, which is then backed up by up to 6 free quotes from moving companies specially selected from our list of agents and partners to cover your area and requirements. You then have the choice of selecting the mover and quotation that is best for you, saving both time and money in obtaining a competitive removals quotation.

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Removals to France after Brexit

Our European removals services are rated as one of the best in the business and we offer great value for money without compromising on service. Removals to France are undertaken to the highest standard and you will find that moving to France with us is one of the best moves you can make.

With weekly relocations taking place from the United Kingdom to Europe, we are confident that we can offer you the most simple and secure removal service for the most competitive price, making your relocation as easy as possible for you.

Van Hire Removals to France

Some clients ask about van hire to France or one way van hire to France as a cheaper alternative to a professional removal service to France. We always advise people to carefully calculate the costs involved in van hire removals or one way van hire to France as there are a lot of hidden costs which quickly add up and you will be amazed to find that a professional removals service to France with us, is actually a cheaper and much, much, much, easier alternative to van hire removals to France or one way van hire to France.

Have a read of our hire van page for further details

Moving to France after Brexit and Corona Virus

Our clients find that moving with advance moves is a simple and competitive removals service with high levels of care and customer satisfaction that quite frankly, puts the competition to shame. We are the best at what we do and European removals are our specialty.

We can handle removals of all sizes, from a few boxes to a complete house and even large or heavy equipment that requires heavy lifting or ramps, like motorcycles, cars, hot tubs and large or awkward items of furniture. Just email us with your requirements and we can arrange a quotation. A lot of expats living in France like to order online shopping or other UK based items and have then delivered to them. This makes Living in France a lot easier as the comforts of home can still be delivered to your door. Many of our clients use us on a regular basis for moving or shipping to France as our service is so efficient and cost effective, even for small part loads to France.

For our part load Moving to France or Shipping to France services, you can still use the Instant online quick quote system to obtain an instant removals quote.

We also have a France removals service for removals within France or removals from France to the UK or the rest of Europe, or even Worldwide.

Client's that want more control over their removal sometimes want our Van Hire France service, where we can arrange for self drive or one way van hire, although this normally works out more expensive than our standard removal service. So whilst we offer a Van Hire France service, its usually absorbed within our own larger removals service once clients work out the cost savings.

We have a return load service as well so Shipping to France from the UK and then returning goods or removals from France to the UK can be arranged, So whether your moving to France from UK or UK to France you can relax knowing

Our Part loads service to France is a very cost effective way of moving to France as it allows for a cheaper price than a dedicated removal service and whilst it may take a little longer (maybe 1-3 weeks) you may find that this time gives you a week or two to sort out affairs before your effects actually arrive. If you need additional storage then this can be arranged in both countries, as we have containerized warehouses in both countries at our disposal and if your Living in France for a while prior to your new house being ready, then we can hold your effects in store and deliver them to you at a later date.

A popular Google search is How to move to France? and this page should give you a lot of information with regard to the removals aspects of actually getting there.

There are a lot of other pages out there that can offer advice on Living in France, How to Move to France and the procedures and formalities that you have to go through to buy a house and live and work there.

We hope you enjoy your quick quote experience and if we can be of any further assistance with regard to your removal from then please do not hesitate to contact us.

If you are seriously thinking of a move to France, the trickiest thing will be deciding on a region and the qualities you’re looking for. For some, it’s the beautifully wild, rocky shores of Celtic Brittany, steeped in old customs and traditions and builtiful architecture. Others cannot resist the allure of sun-drenched Provence, a beautiful region of hill towns and fields of Lavender, fringed by a turquoise sea and the shady palm trees of the Côte d’Azur. Then there’s the Dordogne département in Aquitaine, a lush land of castles and quaint little villages that still seem to be sleeping their way through the Middle Ages with all the charm of local life. If you’re mad for markets, you’ll be in paradise here. The Dordogne has dozens, and it’s renowned for its gastronomic specialties, such as foie gras, truffles, and other wild mushrooms.

Moving to France after Brexit

If you are moving to France after brexit, then nothing will change until the transition period has expired which is currently scheduled to end on 31st December 2020. Until that date you can still move and live in France, however it is essential to obtain French residency within this time frame to be able to stay in France once the transition period expires. If you are looking to move to France after brexit then do it before the transition period expires. Use the yellow quick quote buttons at the top of the page to obtain an instant online quote to budget for your move to France after brexit and get yourself moved whilst the process of moving to France is relatively simple. For further information and updates on the Brexit withdrawal agreement, visit the British government information page on living in France after Brexit

Removals to France - Arc De Triomphe

The Logistics of Moving to France

Moving to France may seem like a daunting task, but logistically speaking, this move can be simpler than you think. English is widely spoken, especially in the main cities. Most estate agencies will have at least one English speaker available to assist you, just remember others have done it, so you can too. What’s more, there are relocation agencies and individuals that specialize in assisting Anglophone clients move to France. The country also has a large American and British expat population, making social connections quite easy. Paris and other large French cities have major international airports with direct flights to numerous U.S. and UK cities, not to mention numerous ferry routes from the UK, making visiting friends and family once you move here a breeze.

Moving to France for the Climate

France offers numerous climates all within a few hours’ train ride. A move to France means you have the mountains, beaches, and countryside at your disposal. In the summer months, when you need to escape the Paris heat, Brittany, with a Pacific Northwest-like climate, is the perfect retreat. In the winter, take one of your five (paid) weeks’ vacation time and head to the Alps for a family ski trip. As you can see, moving to France has numerous benefits.

Living in France for a Better Work-Life Balance

The French enjoy five weeks of paid vacation per year, they work fewer hours weekly, and have the best healthcare system in the world according to the World Health Organization. You too can leave the rat race behind and move to France. This move may even help you live longer: the French, on average, live longer, healthier lives than Americans. Some believe it’s due to their lowered stress levels.

For many, it’s the perfect retirement spot – not too far from the grandchildren, but with a slower pace of life and certain benefits that simply aren’t available in the UK.

France is a hugely diverse country and different areas offering different things — people wanting to move to Paris, for instance, are unlikely to be the same people wanting to move to Cannes or Grenoble. Character varies wildly between cities, while it’s well established that Paris is pretty unique in the country for being such a huge urban metropolis.

Life is good in France.

Moving to France from UK - France Visa Requirements for Brits

As of now, British citizens currently do not need a visa or a residence permit to live, work or study in France.

However, as of June 2016, the UK voted to leave the EU in a country-wide referendum. It is not yet known how this will affect British citizens already living in or planning to move to France, as exit negotiations are not yet underway. Nothing will change until the official point of exit.

For Brits that own property in France, they should be aware that an exit from the EU may trigger a change in inheritance and tax laws.

Cost of Living in France

As with most countries around the world, cost of living varies widely in France depending on your location.

If you’re planning to move to Paris, for instance, it will likely be expensive, with rent and entertainment costing in the same ballpark as London. Average rent for a one-bed apartment in the centre of Paris is €1,100 (£914) a month, while a three-bed rises to €2,270 (£1,886) per month.

Not quite as expensive as Paris, larger cities like Marseilles and Lyon are also towards the more expensive end, while homes in the Alps near the major ski centres, and those on the French Riviera in Cannes and Nice are quite pricey too.

Utility costs are largely the same as in the UK, while broadband is slightly higher thanks to a lack of competition.

Rent, dining and entertainment rates decrease the further you venture away from the cities and into the countryside.

Property taxes are lower in France than Britain so it is often cheaper to buy a home here than it would be at home.

Just like in the UK, there is a 20% VAT on most goods so you won’t see too much difference in clothes and other products.

In terms of groceries, there are some huge, inexpensive hypermarkets in most towns, as well as street side markets, although smaller supermarkets can be comparatively expensive.

Annecy - City of France

Annecy, a lakeside alpine town in the Haute-Savoie department of the French Alps, in Southeastern France, is active and stylish, and the ultimate destination for adventure-seekers. The lake offers sailing and other watersports, and nearby parkland has trails for cyclists, joggers and walkers. You’ll also be half an hour from popular ski resorts like Le Grand-Bornand and La Clusaz. Annecy is cultural and historic, the Old Town looks very much like it would have centuries ago., with cobbled streets, winding canals and pastel-colored houses. Overlooking the city, the medieval Château d’Annecy, once home to the Counts of Geneva, contains a museum with regional artifacts .

Town of Juan-les-Pins, France

Juan-les-Pins, located in Antibes on the Côte d’Azur, in Southeastern France, has one of the most scenic stretches of coastline in France. Juan-les-Pins is a town and a health resort and spa in the commune of Antibes and is situated between Nice and Cannes. The buzzing nightlife scene is complemented by a laidback atmosphere during the day, and the area is especially popular with retirees who are looking for a relaxing, slow pace of life. Just 13 kilometres from the Nice Côte d’Azur International Airport.

French Department of Dordogne

Dordogne is a department in southwest France, set between the Loire Valley and Pyrenees mountains. Ten of the most beautiful villages in France are in Dordogne, including Castelnaud-la-Chapelle and La Roque-Gageac. If you want a taste of history, the town of Sarlat-la-Canéda has a high density of monuments, and Dordogne is also home to the famous Paleolithic paintings in the Lascaux caves. The town of Périgueux is home to the Cathedrale St-Front, with its 5 domes, and the Vesunna Museum, built around Roman ruins. The medieval town Sarlat-la-Canéda centers on the Rue de la Republique and the Cathédrale St-Sacerdos. Wine lovers can get their fill in Bergerac, and local cuisine takes advantage of the area’s foi gras and truffles. Once you move to Dordogne, you can spend your days canoeing, cycling, golfing, horseback riding or swimming.

Lake Geneva

Each town and city in the Lake Geneva area (called Lac Léman by the French) is a crescent-shaped lake shared between France and Switzerland and overlooked by the Alps. Geneva, the Swiss city at its southern tip, and has its own character and way of life. Though most of the lake is in Switzerland, about 40% of it is in the Haute-Savoie department of France. Considered a major international hub, Lake Geneva is one of the world’s main financial centres. On the southern, French side, is the spa town and resort of Évian-les-Bains. The chic, palm-studded Swiss Riviera stretches along the north shore from Lausanne to Montreux.

The Luberon - mountain range in France

The Luberon, a fairytale-like massif in Provence in the South of France, has dramatic hilltops, medieval hamlets, and ancient villages that date back over 1,000 years. It has a maximum altitude of 1,256 metres and an area of about 600 square kilometres. Beloved for its privacy as well as its sunrises over the valley, the Luberon offers the best of everything: outdoor sports and nature activities; cultural art exhibits; delicious regional cuisine and wineries; and festivals year-round. Called the Golden Triangle, which refers to the communes of Bonnieux, Gordes and Ménerbes, the Luberon also covers Le Petit Luberon, Le Grand Luberon and the Luberon Oriental. Provencal properties of the Luberon include renovated mills, manor houses, elegant stone buildings, and 18th century farmhouses.

Towns of Montpellier and Narbonne - Southern France

Montpellier is a charming, old city located in southern France 10km inland from the coast of the Mediterranean Sea. Though it’s the capital of Languedoc-Roussillon and quickly growing, it’s still somewhat secret from tourists, giving locals and expats plenty of space to enjoy orchestra performances and musical festivals, plus the area’s hopping nightlife. The town's stately Gothic Cathédrale Saint-Pierre, distinguished by conical towers, dates to 1364. The city's Antigone district is a chic, modern development inspired by neoclassical motifs. Paintings from French and European Old Masters hang at the Musée Fabre. Nearby Narbonne is a bit of an anomaly: while the rest of the South of France is teeming with tourists, The Gothic Cathédrale Saint-Just et Saint-Pasteur was begun in the 13th century but never completed. The grand Palais des Archevêques houses archaeology and art museums. The Horreum is an underground labyrinth of ancient warehouses left over from the town’s days as a Roman port. The nearby beach and harbor is at Narbonne Plage.

Mougins and Valbonne - French Riviera, France

Mougins is a commune in the Alpes-Maritimes department in southeastern France. It is located on the heights of Cannes, in the district of Grasse One of the French Riviera’s most popular destinations is the area surrounding Mougins and Valbonne. Picturesque villages and well-known restaurants are complemented by some of France’s best international schools. Called the Silicon Valley of Europe and just a short drive from Cannes, the locale has the French Alps as a backdrop and sees sunny days almost all year long

Nice - City of France

Set on the southeast coast of France, Nice is France’s fifth largest city and the capital of the French Riviera and sits on the pebbly shores of the Baie des Anges. Founded by the Greeks and later a retreat for 19th-century European elite, the city has also long attracted artists. Former resident Henri Matisse is honored with a career-spanning collection of paintings at Musée Matisse. Musée Marc Chagall features some of its namesake's major religious works.

Paris - City Of France

Paris, France’s capital city, is a major European city and a global center for art, fashion, gastronomy and culture. Its 19th-century cityscape is crisscrossed by wide boulevards and the River Seine. Beyond such landmarks as the Eiffel Tower and the 12th-century, Gothic Notre-Dame cathedral, the city is known for its cafe culture and designer boutiques along the Rue du Faubourg Saint-Honoré.

Toulouse - City in France

Toulouse, the capital of the Haute-Garonne department, France’s southern Occitanie region, is considered by some expats to be France’s most beautiful place to live. Located in the south, Toulouse has a Mediterranean climate, which means warm summers and mild winters. Toulouse is bisected by the Garonne River and sits near the Spanish border. It’s known as La Ville Rose due to the terra-cotta bricks used in many of its buildings. Its 17th-century Canal du Midi links the Garonne to the Mediterranean Sea, and can be traveled by boat, bike or on foot. Since Toulouse is France’s fourth largest city, there’s a rich diversity of cultures and nationalities here. Moving to a new city can be a chllenging experience but it pays to do a bit of background research on the area you are looking to move yourself into, so you know what to expect. Local culture, holidays, events and customs will all play a role in your new life. Try to understand what life will be like before you make the move, so you will know what to expect. A lot of people struggle to come to terms with the pace of life in a new country. Sometimes things are a lot slower than where you came from and this can be frustrating. Learning a new language can also be a big problem and its worth buying a few phrase books or quick learn online language applications to give you a head start with learning the lingo. Once you move to your new town you may be too busy to study so if you can make time before you go then all is good. Even a little fluency will go a long way as you will be able to shop, work, organise and get things done as well as making a few friends. Speaking a little french to a local will show you are trying and they will appreciate that more than relying on everyone in europe knowing english.

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